An American's Reborn and a Japanese's Compromise

 Tonight, I talked to my friend, who is the only friend to whom I talk frequently on phone, for almost an hour. He said to me that he was always irritated by many of his co-workers because they were not motivated highly enough to make things better. I said to him," I understand that. I feel the same with almost all the Japanese people living in Japan because they don't like making a discussion instead of reaching to the easiest compromise." He was happy listening to me.

  I thought twice, after hanging up, about what I was thinking during the conversation, what there was in my mind, and why/how I said so. Yes, I said I don't like one of the Japanese characteristic personalities. That's what I am always feeling on a daily basis. If so, how do I know that? It came up with an idea of an American characteristic personality, which I thought was the most outstanding one: Christianity.

  An American is born and dies twice, the first genetically, secondly religiously. This seems a peculiar custom and a culture for most of us Japanese. A Japaese doesn't think that way. We don't like discussing but making a compromise. That's because we know the discussion never makes things better, and living in harmoney is the one and only solution to get along with others. So, we don't talk much about the definition of life and death, but just live one's life and die one's death. If you tend to doubt about the solution and choose the American way of thinking, you would be dismissed. Nobody except your close friends and families cares you. Ultimately, you choose to find yourself comfortable at any living place if the Japanese prohibited.

  Personally, it doesn't matter to me where I am and what I am, and how I am identified by the others. Sooner or later, I die my death in the end. After my death, everybody turns out to be nobody, everything is translated into nothing, and every kind of being disappears. By the way, I like an American mind more than an Japanese one for whatever. Whatever you say, I like that much better. Conscience says so. That's it.